About US

We make analysis of commodities market, with the focus on precious metals. Our analysts provide detailed newsletters on metals markets. We are very interested in silver, gold, basic metals. The Fanob considers this market as a best opportunity for investors and provides analysis, winning portfolios, stock advices for investors who want to put their money in silver, gold, and other metals.

The Fanob was founded by Joseph March, successful entrepreneur from Australia in 2008. March has moved to the USA with one goal, to create his own analytic company with a specialty on precious metals. Now he says that the vision of this company came to him in a dream.

Joseph worked for a big company in Australia. He was a specialist in commodities market. March made several investments that brought him good money. However, the policy of his company did not allow him to keep the whole sum for himself. He had to share, ignoring the fact that he did investment in his own free time from his own name. March was angry with this system. He left the company and came back home. That night he saw a dream of the prosperous analytic company in the USA. He told about it to his wife and they decided to leave everything and move to the states. Several years later, March was a proud owner of successful analytic company The Fanob.

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