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Joseph March – Founder
Joseph March has founded Fanob in 2008. Originally he is from Australia. He is a graduate of Sydney University.
After graduation, he started to work at big international company Analytic Values. He made a good reputation there and quickly become one of the leading authors.
March believes in destiny. He saw a dream of his own company in the USA and moved there without giving a thought.

Rosalind Anderson – Chief Editor
Rosalind is a well-known strategist and analyst at the Fanob.
She is from Minnesota originally. She left her own state to study at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, one of the best business schools in the USA.
Anderson chose business as her future specialty in the Middle School. She was an active student, headed business club and wrote for the students’ newspaper.
Rosalind believes that this work has changed her personal views on the market. She came to Fanob just 5 years ago, and in her first year, she reached amazing results, predicting several market collisions and helping to create hundreds of portfolios.

Garret Smith – Editor
Garret Smith works for Fanob during the last 7 years. Before that, he was a researching strategist in Silver and Gold Traders.
He came to this job, being familiar with the concept, and having the same values as his other new co-workers. Smith saw the constant improvements of the company and is proud to say that he took part in it. Smith was the one who took care of the official website of the company. His tech education helped to create a tight connection between online users and analysts.
Garret is also interested in long-term horizon investments. He crates successful portfolios for company’s clients and believes that value must be real.

Lino Weaver – Analyst
Lino Weaver is research analyst and writer in Fanob. He works in this company since 2014. He is a graduate of MIT, Sloan business school.
Lino considers himself as a financial thought leader of the group in different critical situations. He believes his quick reaction saved this company numerous times. He is very curious about all market critical situations as well. He makes his analysis based on the previous history and considers all possibilities of unpredictable situations which can happen with the market. His articles are very popular among readers. He publishes his strategic analysis every Saturday, summing up all the events happened at the market, and everything that can happen or could happen.
Lino says that his main superpower in his speed. He can quickly understand the situation, gather all the information that is needed, find several solutions, and still have enough time for a cup of coffee. He makes successful portfolios as well.

Susan Davidson – Analyst
Susan Davidson is a high ranked research analyst. She moved here from Taxes in 2010 to join the company.
Susan worked as a freelance analyst and strategist. She was an active investor with the focus on dividend growth shares.
She did not consider herself good portfolio manager before she joined the team. With the help of her colleagues and extra classes at local business school, she believed in her abilities to write.
Susan is a graduate of Austin University. She managed her family finances since a very young age, and she always knew that her destiny must be at the market.